Retail / Sushi Daily

Sample packaging design for chopsticks with Sushi Daily branding laid out at an angle with a napkin effect background behind.
The Sushi Daily logo centered on a black background, with an icon showing a hand using chopsticks to the top right of the logo.
Example poster design and message samples for Sushi Daily.
Collage of Sushi Daily brand assets.
POS examples for Sushi Daily.
Moodboard style collage of Sushi Daily visual assets, including patterns and colour swatches.
Sushi Daily menu designs above a napkin textured background.

Campaign creatives for the launch of new products in the UK, France and Spain. A suite of comms were created that act as navigation, awareness and in-store theatre. The messaging and visual output was adapted based on where the POS was positioned on the customer journey. All creative had to work in a supermarket environment and be considerate to the branded environment it sat in.