The Supermarket Middle Ground

The retail landscape is taking on a fascinating hue. The bargain basement players, the Range and B&M make Aldi and Lidl look like well designed emporiums. Waitrose just keeps on doing the simple stuff well and then there’s the rest in the middle sliding up and down the price axis.

So who is going to take the lead? There is more and more space becoming available on retail parks – Dixons recent merger with Carphone Warehouse will ensure there’s plenty of space for more of the Range and B&M. Tesco have realised that their stores look scruffy, but surely if they’d been listening to their customers as they used to do they’d have sorted that out before it became a problem. Sainsbury’s have managed to avoid entering the price zone but that’s hardly innovative marketing and their like for like sales figures are not good.

So, Tesco have scale, Asda have Walmart, Sainsbury’s has quality, The Co-op has issues, Morrisons have a discontented shareholder, and M&S have the same old same old. That’s the state of play, what’s to be done?

Food for thought… It’s time for somebody out there to innovate. We’ve got convenience, click & collect, online, home delivery, banks, insurance and fresh, but what’s new, dynamic and ground breaking? Surely the scene is set for a strong marketeer to take lead and do something different, better and bolder so that the shopper has a middle ground to shop in.

Who is going to take the initiative?

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